New Dens


The Beginning

When a CD owner meets another CD owner the inevitable first question is always “ so what on earth drew you to discover this breed?” Doug has been a dog enthusiast for decades and constant dog owner since 1983 .He owned a Dachshund for 18 years and always wanted a Mastiff or Bull Mastiff. As an avid Dog World subscriber, Doug recalls reading an article about Canaan Dogs. He was intrigued but never thought he would own one.


“Adaptability” is the Canaan’s middle name, as observed by Vivi’s new owner Gail. Vivi’s ability to make the transition from city girl to country girl, from previous owner to new owner, and share her new den with an alpha Chihuahua named Cookie and a Cocker Spaniel named Brita was remarkably smooth.


Up close and personal with James Reazor Jenny Davies-Reazor and “Oscar” in Delaware

If it is one thing that a Canaan does exceptionally well is to recognize dog people. Oscar has made quick work of charming his way into the lives of Jenny and James. And they seem to have picked up on all of his endearing Canaan traits immediately. What a natural fit!
How did you first hear about the Canaan Dog and what characteristics drew you to this breed?